wtorek, 23 grudnia 2014

Kurgan published

Recently a few archeo-news agencies published articles with my 3d reconstruction mentioned in earlier post.
Still unpolished, but what the hell

wtorek, 25 listopada 2014

72h Game Jam Madness

So I found out about this "Indies vs PewDiePie" Game Jam.
The rules are that you have to make all the content during 72 hours.
Along with a programmer from Singapore and Composer from California, we drank shitloads of coffee, beer (in my case), and slept very little to make the game playable! So after this mad struggle, we managed to release it on monday!

You can play it and rate it on this site:

Also I've made an upgraded gameplay video:

poniedziałek, 17 listopada 2014


30 minutes portrait from imagination I made this
evening while listening to Tool
There are those times when you feel you hardly made anything creative that day, and you can either hide and go to sleep / play a game / watch another season of -whatever- or sit down, turn on the music and get creative. heh. which reminds me of this video:

wtorek, 11 listopada 2014

Something different

Today I spontaneously did this thing. Inspired by Eytan Zana
and probably Z. Beksiński. Thank You Sieciech for
encouraging me to add details to it

piątek, 31 października 2014

Evening goblin sketch, archaeological drawings

Just a really quick goblin assassin sketch,
done while listening to my brother's music

By the way, if anyone's interested how a documentation of ancient pottery looks like, I've made a small plate:
I've made thousands of such drawings. Thousands, man

niedziela, 19 października 2014

Small update on still life practice

an update on the scene :) auto-tone helped, but now it's flattened.
Time for the detailing...I'm thinking about cutting all the pieces into layers.
Should've done this from the start

Just a super-quick sketch, thought I'd share.
Must do more of these

niedziela, 12 października 2014

Some still life

Preparing the elements for the boardgame for beta-test version printing! In the meantime, chatting with my cousin through Google Hangouts and some still life painting. This one I started in July... finally managed to work some more on it. To be continued!

sobota, 11 października 2014


Apart from working hard on finishing the test-version of our boardgame, I try to sketch daily nowadays.
I strongly recommend visiting http://www.fusroda.com/ site and checking the hangouts there. You can connect with 9 other artists from the world to share screens, talk and chill.

Some more doodles are on the way I hope. Cheers

wtorek, 26 sierpnia 2014

Trip again

I recently visited my family again, and managed to do some more ( too quick :/ ) plein air tryouts!

And also some ( even too quicker ) speed paints

sobota, 26 lipca 2014


Some sketches

Starting from today's "I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing" sketch (with steps shown), through some older crap and finally some even older character sketch which has some potential, but I never succeeded in finalizing it (It's actually my player character from older version of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead roguelike - http://pl.cataclysmdda.com/ )

piątek, 25 lipca 2014

Some books

I made simple 3d models for presentation of book covers made by myself!
The newest cover is the one with animal skeletons
The rest of them presented here are done during my work at Profil-Archeo Publishing House, which is focused mainly on Archaeological publications.

Additionally, that pottery bowl visible on one of the covers is a 3d reconstruction I made last year after such a small fragment [it's bronze age Pomorska (pomeranian) culture, also for Profil-Archeo.

środa, 9 lipca 2014


I just got back from a trip to central Poland, essentially for my brother (http://music.thinkbay.net/)'s concert (trumpet, two typewriters, two sewing machines, woodwind quartet, trombone, vocal and piano jazz trio!). But in the meantime I managed to pull off some sketches.
Speed portrait of my cousin, alongside whom I made the other sketches too.
We practiced using random pose generator from posemaniacs.com,
and also the lowest pose is a random photo from 
30/90 second generated random poses from www.posemaniacs.com

just a random speed mech

what a luck!
first random photo happened to be of a guy
dressed as early medieval warrior
(sort of, the belt is kinda awkward)

niedziela, 29 czerwca 2014

WIP Kurgan

I wanted to share news on a (work-in-progress) 3d reconstruction of a burial from southern Siberia (Altai Mountains). The burial of a young woman with a child, accompanied with a bronze knife and, presumably, food, was put inside a stone chest, covered with two layers of slabs and a rock mound.

wtorek, 3 czerwca 2014

Plein air tryout

I always wanted to try plein air painting using a tablet and a laptop! During the weekend I finally had a good chance, but only for a speed painting:

I also started another photo-study of a girl's face (sic!) but I couldn't resist turning it into a bearded dwarf portrait :P

czwartek, 29 maja 2014


In the meantime I tried making a selfportrait painted on my Wacom Bamboo tablet, Photoshop from a square mirror. Obviously it's still unfinished, I'm planning on continuing it some evening. It will definitely not end up on this one

I was awed by a photo of my friend who is a stylist and a model, and decided to make a small study of the photo, and here's the outcome:

( no color-picking or overpainting was used, I used PureRef for placing the photo on-screen )
Ref: <LINK>
And here is her Facebook Page

niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Zbrush learning + shaman concept

I finally started learning Zbrush by making tutorials (The tree is the one made after Zbrush 4 Scuplting for Games book, the rest is just experimenting). I must say that after switching to Zbrush from years of playing with Blender, I was overwhelmed at first. Getting used to the controls and way of orienting the model, and the 2,5D and subtools stuff was a harsh time for me at first. But now, when I finally got to sit and work with it for some time, after learning the basics it became more and more simple and fast to use. I won't say it's user-friendly, especially the noob-user friendly, but after spending some hours in it, preferably with someone more experienced or with a tutorial of sort, it now turns into super-powerful tool :)

From the 2D stuff I also made that (WIP) character, again for the tabletop game mentioned before. It's a concept for a shaman character, one of five the players will be able to choose from, each connected to different pawn color (blue here)