niedziela, 2 marca 2014

Long time no post

I haven't had posted anything in a while. The reason for that is laziness and resulting lack of anything to show, apparently. I was kind of busy with work, a small part of which is shown to the left and below - an animated process of making one of the book covers' illustration (it's about an early-medieval fort, or gród/gord/burgwall), and a vectorization of Linda Schele's drawing depicting a stucco facade-mask from Group H in Uaxactun.

I was also trying to develop one particular style for the illustrations of the board game cards I mentioned in the previous post. I will probably try to achieve the simplicity and mysticism one can see in Ivan Bilibin's paintings (I strongly recommend searching google images for them!). One quick try for a forest nymph or rusalka:

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