niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Zbrush learning + shaman concept

I finally started learning Zbrush by making tutorials (The tree is the one made after Zbrush 4 Scuplting for Games book, the rest is just experimenting). I must say that after switching to Zbrush from years of playing with Blender, I was overwhelmed at first. Getting used to the controls and way of orienting the model, and the 2,5D and subtools stuff was a harsh time for me at first. But now, when I finally got to sit and work with it for some time, after learning the basics it became more and more simple and fast to use. I won't say it's user-friendly, especially the noob-user friendly, but after spending some hours in it, preferably with someone more experienced or with a tutorial of sort, it now turns into super-powerful tool :)

From the 2D stuff I also made that (WIP) character, again for the tabletop game mentioned before. It's a concept for a shaman character, one of five the players will be able to choose from, each connected to different pawn color (blue here)

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